Frequently Asked Questions

Club Memberships are annual by calendar year and enjoy the noted Active Member’s Privileges as noted here. The cost is EUR 30 per annum and is Complimentary for members who undertake our Sailing School Classes within any calendar year.

You can apply for Club Membership by completing and submitting the online membership form here. Alternatively you can download the form in PDF format, complete this electronically and email us at Your application is subject to review and approval by the Club’s Board and as a result further to such approval being received, registration to your online Membership Account shall be undertaken by the Club manually. Access shall be granted to you via automated email by which you can update your password details and gain access to your online Membership Account. Activation of your Membership Privileges are granted once due online payment is recorded in your online Membership Account.

Families that have children who are Academy registered athletes, enjoy a group annual membership subscription of EUR 90 and are granted exclusive access to products which are available only to Academy memberships such as training fees and boat rentals for lasers and optimists.

You can login to your online Membership Account, click on Orders, then Pay and indicate the method of payment and indicate Place Order. In the event of a Direct bank transfer or payment by cash to your Instructor, your order shall be specified as being On Hold whilst we validate the payment and confirm its receipt. Then such an order shall be placed in your Transaction History as to having been completed. You may also pay by Credit/Debit Card through JCC Gateway and receive an email confirmation instantaneously confirming your payment.

For any other questions regarding payments please contact us by email at and/or send us an electronic message by completing the online form at Contact – Send us a Message and we shall respond to you as soon as possible.

As a Club Member once you have accessed your online Membership Account you should ensure that all the details which are noted in the sections My Profile have been fully completed and provide an accurate statement of the fields noted. This information is mandatory for your active participation in the Club’s activities and for the Club to ensure its compliance with the applicable laws as a registered Association in Cyprus and for your participation in the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

The email address which has been used is the one which you have provided to the Club and is held on account for you. If you wish to access your online Membership Account with another email address, then please go to My Account – Edit Account and edit your Email Address and Save the changes.

If you are a Club Member, proceed with adding the relevant product to your cart and placing your order through your online Membership Account. Refer to the question 4. How can I pay for my Annual Club Membership Online above for further details on how to complete a purchase.

If you are not a Club Member, you should proceed with Membership Registration as a Club Member prior to obtaining access to paying for these services online. You can refer to the question 2. How can I become a Club Member above for more information.