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Active Member’s Privileges

  1. To vote or/and be elected as members of the Club’s board of directors.
  2. Will be given a free digital membership card or a plastic one at a cost quoting, if applicable, the members sailing and/or motor boat qualifications.
  3. Have priority for participation in the Club’s Sailing flotillas.
  4. To have a potential agreed discounts during non‐sales period at retail shops related to the sea, concerning boat‐chandlery shops, outdoor clothing, Sunglasses, etc.
  5. To have the right to special prices all year round, whenever they choose to dine in the tavern of the Association and/or park their boats at Miltis Boat Parking.
  6. To have access in buying Club’s branded clothing and other goods.
  7. To rent, with the supervision of one of the Club’s official trainers, the Club’s sailing boat for day cruises (Yachts & Dingies).
  8. To participate in Club’s training events and seminars at a nominal cost or for free, according to structure and content.
  9. To be informed and have the opportunity to follow CYSAF’s various educational seminars, as Club nominees.
  10. To receive assistance and/or guidance for chartering boats in Greece at Club prices as extended to members.
  11. To be informed of the annual Activities Calendar and apply for any open sailing opportunity in offshore and coastal racing or leisure sailing by joining as a crew at a fee.
  12. Members that have completed their basic training in dinghy sailing and wish to practice their skills may rent the academy’s training boats at low fees and practice during the Academy’s working days and hours at their own risk.
  13. Members who have completed their basic training in dinghy sailing and wish to obtain their own dinghy, would be given a spot at the academy’s boat racks and stands at a fee.
  14. Provide advice for selling or buying boats to active members suitable to their requirements and skills.
  15. Receive the Club’s newsletter.
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Club Membership Form

To become a member you need to complete the form below. Please read the Active Member's Privileges above before proceeding to the form. Once the form is submitted we will review your request and we will get back to you with additional information.

Alternatively you can download the PDF version of the form by clicking here. Complete it and send it back to the email info@pasimis.com

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, get in touch with us.

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A valid license is required to participate in the night powerboat classes

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